We focus on planting the seeds of function, to grow the roots of strength and power for performance and life.

We learn about your strengths and weakness' to create a balance so your mind, body and spirit can integrate.

We are guardians of health, warriors to performance, dedicated to you feeling good and always at your best.


Our services include kettlebell training, suspension training, sandbag training, joint mobility and joint stability training.

Education (Workshops/Seminars)

Workshops (USA and International)

VTM teaching works with quality assurance to give you the most amount of time practicing and integrating the philosophy from the classroom to the training floor. I want people to have personal attention to grasp learning concepts to performing movements. It is great to learn different exercises and movements but to be a great trainer, therapist or practitioner you need to understand why and how movement and function works.

It is important to VTM'S mission to provide you with quality of education and not cram you with a course of 8 hours of exercises. Our participants have rated our course to be excellent because they develop a greater understanding of knowledge and movement. Everyone leaves on a different level that advances their own movement. I make sure you can do perform the movement and not just teach it to you to advance.

You need to feel and experience your own body's progress to learn. I will train you mind to develop the best programing for your clients and your eyes to see and correct posture and dysfunction. Your experience will teach you how to correct and manage movement for clients progress as well as their tension and pain they may be experiencing.

Once you understand VTM philosophy you will be able to make anyone move. It is what you practice that makes you great. That is why we focus on technique to drive performance, and repetition to precision, to enhance effort developing a perfect way to increase strength and conditioning skills. In any workshop you will learn VTM'S Movement Appraisal SystemT.

Contact VTM to host a Kettlebell, Core Transference Conditioning, Joint Mobility Workshop or the VTM Certification.


VTM's Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training is the ultimate in conditioning for strength and cardiovascular performance. Learning how to Dead Lift, Squat, Swing, Clean, Press, and Snatch is the foundation work to kettlebells. Come prepared by developing joint mobility for your hips and shoulders.

It is not about how much weight you move at first, its all about how you move it through repetition. Form not force is what you will learn and will be your focus. Once you develop the form you will develop the confidence to train with heavier kettlebells. Force is like trying to put a square peg in a circle hole. You can do it, but you will break it.

Learning kettlebells is about safety first. VTM teaches kettlebell training so you can safely teach perfect technique without missing any steps form the ground and up. I take the time for you to understand and develop the function and technique of kettlebell training and the effects to the human body.

How and what you learn you will pass on to your clients and realize the value of teaching technique. Technique develops precision. Precision is flawless accuracy that develops performance. I will teach you all you need to know about functional approaches to stability and mobility to prepare you for kettlebell training as well as its philosophies and advancements.

You don't need to prove your physical stamina by snatching a weight 100 times, you just need to be competent to movement technique and application to learn the steps on how to teach kettlebell training and correct movement.

Everyone who starts with kettlebell training develops gladiator bodies and warrior conditioning because of technique and all functions happening in the body. To move a kettlebell requires responsibility and to teach your client requires a greater responsibility to protect them from harm and injury.

This is a workshop / certification great for people who want to learn to develop conditioning, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches to develop athletic performance, Physical therapist to provide low impact solutions to clients.

You will learn:

Kettlebell foundation training, corrective strategies to improve dysfunction, theory and application

Core Transference Conditioning (CTC)

Core Transference Conditioning is a total body workout that begins by developing core stabilization. When the body has proper stability the core will act as fulcrum around which you can build power and strength. Fitness programs often lack focus on core stability and can create compensation problems in the muscular system.

Core Transference Conditioning techniques work to identify and correct compensation, develop lasting core strength integrated to improve mobility and range of motion and create a coordinated effort from CNS to the neuromuscular system. This workshop will teach you core stabilization, transference and integrating movement patterns. If the core cannot transfer compensation results.

VTM teaches how to condition the core and why. Using ropes, straps, and resistance bands help to teach you how to Breath, Stabilize and Move. This workshop will teach you that proper tension creates power and efficiency and improper tension inhibits joint mobility and flexibility that shuts off power.

This workshop will teach you how to develop range of motion and your power. Range is power but your body needs stability to get it. This is taught through VTM theory. You will learn movements, corrections and theory so you can train a diversity of clients and groups.

This certification is excellent for Certified Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Yoga Instructors and Personal Trainers who wish to work more effectively to make lasting changes to clients muscular/ skeletal dysfunction, tension and pain as well as develop strength and performance. This is a workshop / certification.

You will learn:

Theory about the core, transference, stability, mobility, movements, how to instantly improve mobility.

Body Weight / Joint Mobility

This is VTM'S signature work because all movement stems from what I teach in this workshop. Joint mobility training is about how joints function and communicate. Each joint communicates to the next what is happening when there is tension, pain, injury. It makes the whole chain of joints compensate or transfer their natural movement.

In this workshop we look at how joints function in linkage to the proprioceptive system, how mobility works with stability and how do you get joints to move back in alignment and produce strength. A half inch of space creates a lot of strength. It opens up information in the CNS to function. Its about seeing the barriers and clearing a pathway. You will learn how this works.

The Joint mobility training workshop will work through movements and stretch to facilitate range of motion. Most people think joint mobility is just for warm up. I will go over structural maps that use joint mobility as assessment to correction, how you can integrate strength and cardio without any weights and the best possible joint mobility outcomes for classes and clients.

Joint mobility training helps to restore vitality to regain longevity and performance. I help help you understand why joint mobility is the most valuable tool in training. We start from developing your breath, stability and coaching and teaching you how to move. We start with the basics. At the end of this workshop you will have learned Joint Mobility programing and realize that its not just warming up of joints. This workshop / certification is really the fountain of youth to regain vitality and longevity.

Great for all people, trainers, yogis, bodyworkers, to understand why dysfunction happens and to understand movement, how to progress your clients functional movements.

You will learn:

Theory of joint mobility training, application, sequences to work for clients, corrective strategies and the keys to improving basic movements, how to instantly improve mobility working in multi planes of motion

VTM Certification

The VTM Certification provides you with our Movement Appraisal and Fusion Training System. You will learn Joint Mobility, Core Transference Conditioning, and Kettlebell foundation training.

VTM has been working on Movement Appraisal and Fusion Training System for quite some years and has developed the education and structure. No other course out there teaches this certification. This certification is the new evolution and model to health, fitness and movement.

You will learn:

All three workshops and more for VTM Certification.

Theory from all three workshops.

How to integrate strength, power and conditioning in each type of training as well as the power of fusing the training together.

All about the core and transference through stability and mobility.

How to correct and align your clients to create progress in strength and conditioning.

(Fusion Training System is integration of functional training, strength and power systems.)

Training Sessions

Movement/Strength and Conditioning Training Sessions

The sessions are geared toward developing your body to be functional first integrating strength and power. I train the systems that you use in performance, sport or general health preparing for competition or just daily living. I custom design movement and cardio vascular integration workouts to build top notch athletes and help people find the athlete, the warrior within to adapt, adjust, change and evolve, to win or for personal achievement.

VTM philosophy creates quick development because of its theory and information on how the body reacts and functions to movement. I train the systems performance needs.

- One on One (Personal / Athlete)
- Group Training / Team Training (Personal / Sport - Professional / University / High School)

Develop resilient and strong flexibility to create powerful range of motion
Develop Speed and quickness to respond in you range of motion
Develop repetitious strength, power and conditioning

Bodywork Sessions (Integrated Movement Therapies)

Massage therapy/Shiatsu Sessions

Integrated Movement Therapies gives me many tools to perform bodywork. Working with corporate, athletes and the population it is very diverse in how tension is formed in the body. I use a variety of techniques from eastern and western modalities to develop this original creative therapy.

Experience less tension in muscles. Develop better function, flexibility and mobility.

Feel more relaxed and energetic. Reset your mind and body to relax the tension from over coming your mind to compensate for stress.

Trained in swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, shiatsu, reiki, joint mobility stretching

FSMI- Functional stretching Massage Integration

This system helps clear tension held in certain muscles to transfer through its path of movement. Aches and pains decrease range of motion that is caused from tension creating inflexibility. This energy is stuck. Like a car needs spark plugs movement needs stabilizers. Inflexibility caused by tension creates inhibition.

FMSI facilitates range of motion back to joints by manual stretch and isolation to stretch the muscle tissue, (myo) fascial borders while creating stability in joint mobility. This work integrates massage techniques to create a relaxed system to produce optimal performance and movement, to receive the joint mobility treatment by the body.

A great treatment for anyone but an awesome treatment for athletes to ensure prevention and longevity to their sports and skills. As we all know sport performance is never a perfect world. For repetitious movements sometimes movements can be overused or over emphasized or over repetitious. We never know the predictability of what movement comes next after the other.

FMSI helps to find tension that may be formed because of too much strength in one motion repetitiously or because certain muscles are not stabilizing.

Treatment helps:

Enhance performance, restore basic functional movements to the body that get over loaded and shut off, basic functions compensating the joint,

Increase proprioceptive stamina to advance movement patterns to develop strength and power, restore function to clients instantly and quickly and develop a functional movement plan at an instant developing their strength program quickly.

Learn how to free up the body's energy system and minimize pain. Decrease discomfort in movement to move better and move well intuitively. Restore resiliency to prevent injury and make injuries get stronger quickly. The quicker your body recovers the more training can do.

Contact VTM to hosting a workshop, certification or have me train with you, your group or team for Pre Season, Seasonal, Post Seasonal training.

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